1. Incessant Reasoning



    Your mind is occupied too much with exterior things, and still worse, with argumentation. As a result, you are unable to act with frequent thoughts of God. I am always afraid of your excessive inclination to reason. It is a hindrance to that reflection and silence in which He reveals Himself. Be humble, simple, and sincere with men. Be recollected, calm, and devoid of reasonings before God.
    - Fenelon


  2. christchurchofthecross:


    Guard your heart and pray without ceasing. Guard your heart because everything you do flows from it, that is, it determines the course of your life. (see Proverbs 4:23)

    How do I guard my heart? Satan’s darts
    seem to prick me so easily and I am distracted, moved to judgement, or…


  3. Never ever expected to see one of my books on an iBooks all time bestseller list. Honored, humbled, stunned, and probably reading it wrong. But it’s still pretty cool.