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addy and papa
Adeline and Papa
weatherproof cover

By Ed Goble


Standing strong through the storms of life.


Did you know there is a way to make your life unshakeable? The apostles experienced it. It is found through obedience to Jesus, and it makes your life weatherproof. You will be in the same circumstances as all those around you, yet, immovable, because of this greater resource residing deep within your life. It is cultivated through following Christ’s commands, and it is what will set you apart as the light of the world.

bible devotional cover

The Bible Devotional

Book by book from Genesis through Revelation. Five minute daily devotionals that will fuel your passion for God’s Word.

sincerely Jesus cover

Sincerely, Jesus

This best seller topped the charts in 14 countries. Imagine receiving a personal letter from Jesus to you and your church!

book of virtues cover

The Little Book of Virtues

These attributes are the building blocks of civil society, family, relationship and community. Makes a great graduation gift!

bible devotional cover

And no religion too

A group of essays about the simple christian life, including the title essay on the classic lyric from John Lennon’s “Imagine”.

sincerely Jesus cover

I Believe

Understanding the Nicene Creed by learning some of the Bible verses associated with each phrase in the creed.

book of virtues cover

God Crushed Cancer

Mary Ann Goble shares her honest, raw, and encouraging daily journal, written during her battle with advanced breast cancer.

bible devotional cover

Less of Me, a novel

Less of me is a “book within a book” written in the style of James A. Michener’s “The Novel”. 

sincerely Jesus cover

Both Ways, a novel

Both Ways is a story of pastoral indescretion detailing how a minister can be led astray if he operates without accountability.

weatherproof cover

Weatherproof – standing strong through the storms of life

Weatherproof is a study of Christs commands, the things that He instructed His followers to do to follow Him in obedience. Great for personal reading, sermon preparation, or small group studies from teens to adults.

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Ed is the most creative individual I’ve ever met in my life. He has a gift for creating and communicating information in a way that pleases the eyes and minds at the same time. His heart for the Lord is revealed through his work and through his Spirit.  

– David Walters

Pastor, Lowell Avenue Baptist Church
Director, Harrodsburg Center of Campbellsville University


Ed Goble, author, creative

Helping organizations and authors tell their story.
For all inquiries please contact Ed Goble

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