Ed Goble Books and Design

I’m a natural born, second generation, storyteller. I get it from my mom’s side of the family. Those Harris kids could spread the malarkey knee deep and have you hanging on every word. It was great to grow up with storytellers close by. It’s a noble line. 

Jesus Himself was the consummate storyteller. In fact, His disciples, Matthew and Mark wrote that Jesus never talked to groups of people without using stories (parables). Only Jesus’ stories were chock-full of Truth with a capital “T” while my mom and uncle may have included a bit of embellishment. 

My hope has always been to convey stories like Jesus, that were full of truth and simple to understand. Stories for my wife and daughters, stories for my grandchildren and, one day, their children. Because knowing Jesus has given my storytelling purpose, and that, in all simplicity, is to relate the love and beauty of God that is present both in and all around us.  

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