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Miracle of Life

Jesus' life on earth began as a single cell.

Just one. A 'zygote' just like every other person. 46 chromosomes strong, the full personhood of Jesus Christ, Son of God and Son of Man, biologically unique and completely individual.

From that moment of conception the little cell that was Jesus divided and traveled through Mary's fallopian tubes, attaching itself to the wall of her uterus where He would spend His first nine months of life on earth. Vulnerable yet safe. Unseen yet alive.

Even as Jesus was conceived complete with two natures, Divine and human, we, too, are complete when conceived, being given both body, soul and spirit. Unique and complete in one tiny cell. The soul is neither pre-existent as some would say, or that of the mother until birth (having been 'attached' organically to her for nine months), but, instead, created at the instant of conception along with the body.

There are many reasons why this 'simultaneous' creation of body and soul is pertinent, but to my simplistic mind, the most beautiful of which is how God begins formation of each individual person at this moment of conception.

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. Before you were born I set you apart." Jeremiah 1:5

God knows and loves each person from conception. But do you ever wonder, "Yes, but can they know Him?" The co-creation of body and soul suggests to me that they can. Not on a reasoned basis, as with a fully developed mind, but through the 'nous,' the power or energy of the soul.

We all have a sense of knowing or feeling things 'in our heart,' like our love for spouse or children, it is intangible but strong, certain. Or how we know' the presence of Christ in us as Jesus 'living in our heart.' That awareness of Him, His love and peace, is discerned by the eye of our soul, our nous. And if it is true in a rational adult I think it is also true upon the creation, perfect, unique and individual, of every child.

The undefinable but certain knowledge of, and communication with, their all-loving Creator through the entire process of physical and mental development.

This is why the children murdered by abortion, those babies who pass in infancy, the persons born with a disability that affects their ability to reason, even the elderly who lose their capacity to reason because of a stroke or some other traumatic experience, can be saved by the grace of God – because He knows them and they know Him, at least they did, from the very first moment of conception.

So is everyone saved? I'm not saying that at all. I'm just saying our rational minds can never understand the glory and majesty of the Trinity and the absolute revolutionary consequences of the cross of Christ. I will rest on the side of God's unfailing love as seen through the eyes of the soul, the omniscience of God and the miracle of Life.