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Sincerely, Jesus

“Clearly you are an epistle of Christ, ministered by us, written not with ink but by the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of flesh, that is, of the heart.” 2 Corinthians 3:3

Isn’t it amazing to consider that Jesus is writing a letter to your family and friends this very moment? He wants them to know His great love for them, His mercy, grace, and forgiveness. He want’s them to know that He is there for them, even if they are in the midst of a difficult time, or a time of rebellion. He will never leave them or forsake them and when they turn to Him they will find He is already there, waiting for them with a loving embrace.

But wait, you might say, my family is splintered, double-minded, I have selfish loved ones, addicted loved ones, I have sick and hurting family, and family that are so successful they look at religion as a crutch for those well beneath them. Few of them would ever crack open a Bible looking for God.

There will be time for the Bible, Christ will see to that, but that’s not the first book they will read.

The first letter they will read will be the one He is writing in you.

Your life is a beautiful composition being written by the Holy Spirit on your heart, in the deepest part of your life, your essence. It is unique and amazing, it is a story of life change. Those who read it recognize the authenticity because they know you.

What are people reading when they read you? Do the pages show that you are dying to yourself daily and becoming more loving? Are you showing mercy and holding your temper? Blessing people and not cursing? Do they notice how your life is changing in beautiful ways since you started walking with Jesus.

This is how God works among people. Initially, it’s not about going to church or becoming a member. It’s not even about important things like being baptized or receiving communion. It is about surrender. It is about believing that Jesus will change your hard, stony heart into the strong, authentic heart He designed it to be, and give you fullness of life.

And He enters your life and begins to write. Those other things like baptism, church and communion, things that are usually the first things we equate with religion, happen as the Author leads you to make what you do (on the outside) reflect who you are becoming (on the inside). Moving from selfish piddle to soul-nourishing devotion.

The miracle is that unsuspecting people, lost in sin and selfishness are reading these letters, they’re reading your life, they can’t help it. They might not show it, but they are looking for answers and notice that you are a different. They see peace in your countenance and love flowing toward others, and, one by one, they are turning to Jesus, opening a Bible, walking into a church, talking to a priest, letting their guard down far enough to ask for prayer. And a new letter is started.

When this life is over and our letter is complete He will welcome us home, even as He embraces our loved ones, signing your life and mine — Sincerely, Jesus.

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