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I really liked Andy, his mother, and his neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Martin (Marteen- Italian). Andy is a writer trying to meet a deadline while struggling with insecurity. His inner dialogue is relatable to anyone, yet this is not the story’s focus. We follow Andy’s journey from a self-absorbed, isolated man to a man who becomes involved with events that bring out his best and opens up his life to include others…

In the meantime, woven into his story is the story he is writing, which we get to read over his shoulder as he spins out an action spy novel that keeps you hanging on every word.

This novel is exceptionally well written; you don’t want to put it down. The clean language takes nothing away from the story, which is realistic, relatable, and often humorous. You can’t help but like Andy, his neighbors, and others in the story. You’ll love the hero in the spy novel Andy is writing. I recommend this book 5+ stars.

– Barnes and Noble Review