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By Ed Goble

And no religion, too

Thoughts on faith and life.


And no religion, too, is the tip of the iceberg for me. It was baby step number one. My journey since 2007, when this book was finished, has been different than I would have ever imagined. It has taken my wife, I, and our youngest daughter down a path that led east. To Greece, Russia, Constantinople, and to the ancient faith of the Orthodox church. And the more I study, the more amazed and humbled I become.

I’m not there yet. Who is? Right? But if you choose to read ANRT, maybe it will trigger your journey, I don’t know. Maybe it will resonate in your heart another way or just make you mad.

The things that I felt strongly about in 2007, many of them anyway, aren’t even on my radar anymore. I would have written it differently if I’d penned it in 2015 or 2023. But I guess that’s the beauty of walking with Jesus; we change, but He never does. He keeps drawing us into a deeper walk with Him, and if we’re open to His Spirit, He’ll keep breaking, changing, and molding us into His image. I can feel that happening to me, and I see it taking place in my wife, youngest daughter, and her young family.

Available in eBook and paperback format.

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