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This is a guest blog from one of my favorite writers, theology professor Melissa Johnson. Enjoy – Ed

There is so much to learn and explore when it comes to theology. Lifetimes are spent on researching the topic, and it is never exhausted. Great people have studied, wrote books, taught, preached, and interpreted to create theologies, searching the Bible for meaning and revelation.

It is in the same Bible that God’s love radiates through the words on the pages. There’s a simpleness to the message – God’s presence amongst mankind. Above all else, He gives Himself. Somewhere along the pages of history, we’ve complicated this, resulting in understandings of God that are so human in essence, leaving no room for mystery, for God to be greater than anything we could fathom.

Instead, we’ve tried to explain away theology, valuing our intellect, thinking our minds can bring us to truth. An explanation can be like an asterisk, something that leads to something else. With explanations come exceptions. With exceptions come inconsistencies. Before we know it, our understandings of God, limited as they may be, are also blurry.

All because we’ve made right belief the prize rather than His presence. I desire theology without exceptions, to know God is always consistent, Whose mystery teaches me faith and beauty. I’m looking for freedom from theology with an asterisk. 

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